Angie Chian Skincare Rejuvenating Facial Serum

This regenerating luxury oil is packed with high functional ingredients such as avocado and wheat germ oil as well as extracts of Chinese Angelica root Dang Gui and Ling Zhi mushroom. It reduces stress damage, while repairing, renewing and stimulating skin. Chinese herb Dang Gui, enriched with Vitamin E, stimulates the circulation of oxygen in the skin. It helps to promote the metabolism and replenishes the nutrient supply, which are essential for the skin regeneration process. It also helps to oxidize the blood, improving blood flow bringing nourishment to the skin cells. The Ling Zhi 8-protein and Ganodermic acid present in Ling Zhi mushroom are powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic agents. Both ingredients work in harmony, empowering the immune system and promoting blood circulation. A stronger immune system, in turn, eases free radical activities, which means that wrinkles, fine lines and inflammations will be reduced. An improved blood circulation improves the elastic