Nourishing and rejuvenating natural skincare based on phytotherapy principles of traditional chinese and Tibetan medicine without chemicals, parabens and preservatives


Angie Chian Skincare products have their foundations in the ancient science of Chinese and Tibetan medicine, which are prepared using the purest ingredients and traditional methods. Angie Chian Skincare uses 100% natural and high quality herbal ingredients. Angie Chian Skincare creates complete bespoke natural skin care products to fix the root of imbalance and revoke the skin own healing properties.

Each product is handmade and consists of an unique blend. The recipes were translated from ancient texts. Chinese imperial families not only gathered power and wealth, but also secret formulas for beauty. The history of Chinese medicine is also a story that seeks natural beauty. About 2000 years ago, more than 20 herbs were registered for beauty in the first herbal medical encyclopaedia. These herbs are still used today.

One of the most important differences between modern and traditional Chinese medicine is that TCM seeks to achieve beauty by improving natural health. Health is the most important factor for beauty, and natural beauteousness is a sign of a healthy body. These ancient cosmetic formulas aim to remove pathological factors and improve natural health.


Luxury oils blend with highly functional herbal ingredients

100% natural origin
Free from animal ingredients - vegan
Free from preservatives
Free from silicones, paraffins, mineral oils and PEGs
Free from synthetic fragrances and colorants
Free from plasticisers and stabilisers

Developed and produced in Switzerland,

sustainably and environmentally friendly