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About Angie

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In 2005, I made the journey to Asia for the first time, filled with excitement and anticipation.

China was preparing to host the Olympic Games, and I wanted to witness the changes and progress firsthand. However, little did I know that this trip would be the beginning of a journey that would change my life forever. Five years later, I made the bold decision to move to Singapore to work for an international financial institution.

I was determined to make my mark on the world and conquer Asia. But as it turns out, it was Asia that conquered me. The culture, the beauty, the diversity of the region captured my heart and opened my eyes to a whole new world. I fell in love with the bustling city streets and the breathtaking natural landscapes.

Looking back, I am filled with emotion as I reflect on the impact that Asia has had on my life. It has given me opportunities and experiences that I could have never imagined, and I know that it will always hold a special place in my heart. Asia has conquered me, and for that, I am forever grateful.

As I embarked on my career journey in Singapore, I was immediately struck by the dynamic and fast-paced business environment. New empires were emerging and the number of high-net-worth individuals was growing rapidly. Singapore's excellent reputation on the world stage provided an exciting platform for personal growth and success.
I threw myself into this race for success, honing my skills and observing the best professionals in the hospitality, medicine, beauty, and retail industries. Everywhere I looked, I was inspired by the special harmony of Asia, with its emphasis on relaxation and enjoyment of the moment.
Despite the challenges and pressures of the business world, I found myself constantly drawn to the calm and balance of Asian culture. It taught me to find beauty in the smallest of details and to appreciate the present moment, rather than always rushing towards the future.
In many ways, it was this special harmony of Asia that helped me to find my own path to success and happiness.

During my time in Asia, I always felt like I belonged. I was captivated by the magic of the region and its unique philosophy, and I was eager to learn more and be a part of it. My Swiss upbringing had taught me the importance of organisation, honesty, and transparency, but it was in Asia where I truly learned the secrets of balance, happiness, and harmony.
The guardians of authentic oriental heritage generously shared their wisdom and philosophy with me, and I was able to see the invisible and attentively take care of the most intimate things that every person has: their unique soul. Asia complemented and fulfilled me in ways that I could never have imagined.
I was witness to the transformation of burnt-out brains as local masters used traditional Chinese medicine techniques to restore vitality and balance. I saw how the wisdom of the past could be applied to the present in order to improve health and well-being.
Asia has left a lasting impact on me, and I will always be grateful for the lessons and experiences that it has given me. It has truly complemented and fulfilled me in every way.

It was a moment of realisation that changed the course of my life. As I explored the unique cultures of Asia and my own, I came to understand that there was so much to be gained by combining these two worlds. I was standing on the threshold of a great discovery, and I knew that I had to seize this opportunity.
With that in mind, I made the decision to study Chinese herbal medicine in depth and returned to Switzerland to obtain a TCM Herbalist Diploma. It was a challenging and rewarding journey, as I delved into the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and learned how to apply it in a modern context.
As I pursued my studies and began to integrate the principles of TCM into my private and professional life, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to explore this fascinating field. I knew that I was on the path to something great, and I was excited to see where it would take me.

Our brand is more than just skincare products. It represents a deeply-held belief in the power of ancient traditional philosophies and professional knowledge to create truly transformative skincare.
Each of our products is carefully crafted to combine the highest quality ingredients with elements of traditional philosophy, creating a unique and effective blend. We are committed to using only the finest natural ingredients, and we take great care to ensure that every product meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.
Our brand is a way of life, a commitment to excellence and a belief in the power of natural, holistic approaches to skincare. We hope that our products will inspire and empower you to achieve your best possible skin, and to live a life that is healthy, balanced, and beautiful.

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