About Angie

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In 2005 I travelled to Asia for the first time. It was China. The country was preparing itself for the Olympic games. I wanted to see the changes through my own eyes. 5 years later I moved to Singapore to work for an international financial institution. In my mind, I was going to conquer Asia. But, Asia has conquered me.

New business empires, growing number of high-net-worth individuals, and an excellent reputation of Singapore on a world map, is such a great platform for personal growth! I joined this speed race for success, sharping my skills and began to observe the best professionals in the areas of hospitality, medicine, beauty and retail. In each movement, in each detail, there was the Asia's special harmony, which was inviting me to relax and enjoy the moment. In Asia, I always felt special. I wanted to dive deeper and deeper into this magical philosophy, and for sure, be a part of it. My Swiss experience of organisation, honesty and transparency, was supplemented with the daily Asian secrets of balance, happiness and harmony. The guardians of the authentic oriental heritage generously shared with me their wisdom, philosophy and the ability to see the invisible and attentively take care of the most intimate things that every person has: his unique soul. Asia has complemented and fulfilled me. I saw how local masters rewired burnt-out brains and, by using TCM technics, gave rise to vitality. At that moment, I realised that I was on the threshold of a great discovery and decided to combine these two cultures in my private and professional life. That's how I decided to study Chinese Herbal Medicine in deep and went back to Switzerland to obtain a TCM Herbalist Diploma.

My brand is more than just a cosmetic line. The products combine elements of an ancient traditional philosophy, professional knowledge and a highest quality of each ingredient.